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Sleep Wellness Center by Winmar Diagnostics is a regional, privately owned sleep diagnostic business.
Established in 1994, Sleep Wellness Center has pioneered and set the standard for sleep diagnostic services. Based on extensive clinical experience, Sleep Wellness Center offers high quality, sleep diagnostics to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

The sleep professionals at Sleep Wellness Center can assist you in establishing a high quality, cost effective
sleep diagnostics program.

Our experience in all facets of sleep disorder testing and program development offers clinical and business
management expertise.

Sleep Wellness Center by Winmar Diagnostics strives to be the market leader in the treatment of sleep disorders. We will be partners to our customers, meeting their needs with high quality products and services. Our highly trained and committed employees, who are responsive to our customers needs, will be the cornerstones of
our success.

Sleep Wellness Center's unique partnership approach to sleep diagnostics and treatment allows medical facilities to implement a successful sleep program almost immediately.
AASM Accreditation, ACHC Accreditation, National Sleep Foundation Member, Heartland Healthcare

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